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Labour Law

Smith Tabata Inc. has a dedicated Labour Law division, headed by one of our senior directors, Andrew Conroy. Andrew holds an advanced diploma in labour law and a labour law Masters Degree.


The firm has acted on behalf of several public sector entities and corporations with regard to, inter alia:

  • the suspension or dismissal of staff, including municipal managers and other senior officials
  • dealing with allegations of unfair labour practices
  • the conduct of disciplinary hearings
  • the interpretation and implementation of, inter alia, the Codes of Conduct for councillors and staff, respectively, the disciplinary and¬†grievance procedures agreed upon at the relevant bargaining council and legislation such as the Labour Relations Act No. 66 of 1995 and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act No. 75 of 1997

In addition, the following services are rendered:

  • Misconduct investigations
  • Prosecuting at or chairing internal disciplinary enquiries
  • Representation in all forums:
    • Bargaining Councils
    • CCMA
    • Labour Court
    • High Court
    • Labour Appeal Court
  • Restructuring and retrenchment exercises
  • Formulation and review of HR/IR policies
  • In-house training
  • We are equipped to offer SETA accredited courses on a variety of labour and industrial relation topics, more specifically:
    • The Labour Relations Act
    • Dealing with Incapacity
    • Dealing with Strikes
    • Dealing with Grievances
    • Collective Bargaining Options
    • Understanding the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
    • Managing disciplinary and grievance procedures
    • Dealing with Misconduct
    • Dealing with unfair labour practices and unfair discrimination
    • Dealing with the transfer of businesses and retrenchments
    • Ensuring Access to Information and Administrative Justice
    • Understanding and Implementing the Employment Equity Act
    • Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
    • Accessing statutory and private dispute resolution services
    • Using the CCMA
    • Participating in a facilitation and a Mediation/Conciliation
    • Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Skills
    • Negotiating Skills
    • Presenting a case in arbitration
  • IR opinions

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