Debt Collection

Smith Tabata Inc. has established a professionally run Debt Collection Department, which has been in operation since 1908 (Barnes and Ross Inc) which amalgamated with Smith Tabata Van Heerden & Siwisa in 1996. A century of quality legal services has led to an impressive client base.


At present the department currently administers approximately 5000 collection files which emanate from the local authorities, financial institutions, development corporations, and requires the interface of a range of skills and area of practice including:

1. An understanding of the collection process
2. Implementation of administrative, financial and I.T. structures to support and drive the legal processes
3. Reporting to client on a monthly basis
4. Commercial legal and accounting skills
5. An understanding of the billing process
6. An ability to consult with debtors
7. Interfacing with other departments, such as conveyancing – foreclosures


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